Discography of Sorabji's Opus Clavicembalisticum

The list is cronological with respect to date of recording.

I welcome any additions or corrections.

Year Date Pianist Cover Label Reference Comments
2023 March Daan Vandewalle Passacaille PAS 9703 Vandewalle first performed the work on 7 March 2004;
subseqent performances on 27 February 2009, 31
July 2016 and 14 November 2019.

10-15 March
8-15 November
8-12 July
John Ogdon Altarus AIR-CD-9075 Ogdon gave a private performance to the work's
dedicatee, the poet Hugh MacDiarmid at
Ronald Stevenson's home on 1 December 1959,
on the 29th anniversary of the world premiere.
Ogdon was 22 years old.

Ogdon gave two concert performances of the
complete work on 14 July and 2 November 1988.
1983 24 April Geoffrey Douglas Madge BIS BIS-CD-1062/1064 Live recording.

Third public performance of the complete work.

Madge has performed the complete work six times.
One of the two page turners at his fourth performance,
on 9 November 1984 in Montréal, Canada, was the
23 years old Marc-André Hamelin.
1982 11 June Geoffrey Douglas Madge Keytone Records RCS4-800 Live recording.

Second public performance of the complete work.

Sorabji gave the world premiere performance on
1 December 1930.

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